Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Federation's Annual Meeting... A Live Blog

That's right, The St. Lou Jew will be in the building for the Jewish Federation of St. Louis' annual meeting and we'll be live bloging at

Some might (appropriately) ask, "just what the hell are you doing liveblogging the Federation's annual meeting? Isn't it absurd to apply web 2.0 technology to a 1.0 organization's meeting?"

Yes. It totally is. But at least this way you'll get to hear an alternative, younger voice as we present updates through our perspective. Stay tuned. Read More......

Friday, September 10, 2010

Shanah Tovah, an Obligatory Reflection on the Past Year

This time of year, all Jewishly connected organizations are sending out there reflections from the past year.

Parents send out yearly wrap ups in mass-emails, facebook profiles are updated and viral Rosh Hashanah clips are passed around.

For me (and I rarely write as 'me'), this year has certainly been one of transitions, of building, and of stepping away from traditionally defined roles, even as I move closer to tradition.

A year ago, I had just moved out of the Moishe House to help Next Dor get off the ground, the house was still undergoing renovations, and our ideas about Jewish community were about to be put to the test.

Now, looking back, our community has grown, with more than 300 people having stopped in to share a meal, learn, discuss, hang out, stretch, breath, etc. We've turned an idea into a movement which has gained the notice of many in the top echelons of the Organized Jewish Community. We've helped people feel at home in St. Louis, helped them find friends, roommates, community, and even jobs. And yet, I'm not satisfied.

We have so much further to go. Our commitment to an arts and culture component has yet to be realized, and our cohort is still underemployed. We are meeting so many people, that it has been a challenge to make sure we really build relationships with them and follow up on those relationships. We have to fight the temptation to be complacent and settle into cliques. We have to be vigilant for those individuals who have not been made to feel fully comfortable.

In this new year, I want to see the individuals who we've connected with be able to come together to create a community.

You might have also noticed over the last year that the St. Lou Jew as a blog has tapered from posts every day to a few per week, or even less. To some extent, this has been due to my success in other areas which have left me far less time to post.

On the other hand, this is due to a lack of other writers, so consider this an open invitation to put your name in the hat to be come a contributor.

As this holiday passes and we find ourselves in these days of awe and reflection, I hope we all have the courage to actually look at ourselves objectively, to identify what we've done well, and where we can and will improve. May you all be inscribed in the book of living to the fullest. Read More......