Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Purim Party Crawl

Wow, Purim is upon us! No longer just the realm of little children dressing up and making noise, this year, there are actually options for Jewish young adults to live it up for the Jewish holiday affectionately known as 'pour-em'.

It just so happened that this past Sunday, over some freshly baked Hamantashen at Next Dor, a few of the 'tashen tasters wanted to know what was actually going down for Purim.

See, Purim happens to be the holiday on which it is considered an obligation to get obliterated, a commandment to get krunked, if you will. . . Shikkered is preferred.

Between Megillah readings at EVERY synagogue, YABA's young adult party at Bais Abe, JGrad's party at Subzero, and other opportunities, someone came up with the great idea to create a Purim 'Pub-Crawl-esque' Party Crawl.

Here we are, a day-and-a-half later, and the party bus has been procured, and the plans are being cemented. So here is the proposal: RSVP here, and become part of the first annual Pour-em Party Crawl with the Krewe De Jew. Mardi Gras beads optional, Mardi Gras spirit encouraged.

Learn more about Purim and drinking here
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

One Night A Year, Getting Sloshed Is A Mitzvah

Q:You mean getting shikkered is a mitzvah?

A:Oh.. you didn't know that on Purim you are supposed to drink until you can't tell the difference between the protagonist (Mordechai)' and antagonist (Haman)'s names?

It's true, and we decided to take our training for this Mitzvah to the streets with Beer School. Yes, that's right. Beer School.

In our early preparations for Purim, we checked out Cicero's Beer School, a free event that goes down every Wednesday night at 5:30. Every week, a different brewer provides samples of their most interesting beers and talks about what the beer is and what makes it so special.

Yesterday, Founders Brewing Company poured some of their liquid bread, including a breakfast stout replete with notes of coffee and chocolate, and a viscous, almost think pour.

The room was packed, and I have to say, on an empty stomach, those big beers sure catch up to you quickly.

How are you getting geared up for the Tribe's big party day?

Are you joining us at Next Dor for Hamantaschen baking on Sunday at 3?

Are you getting down with Young Adults @ Bais Abe (YABA) Purim Party?

For 20's and 30's: Come celebrate Purim Saturday, February 27 at 9:00pm with YABA! The party at Bais Abe (6910 Delmar Blvd.) will include live music, delicious snacks, drinks, a costume contest, and other entertainment. $5 suggested donation. Check out www.baisabe.com.

Maybe a Mad-Men style Pour-Em party is more your cup of scotch, if so, Temple Israel is throwing down the same night, starting at 8 PM (email vsiegel@ti-stl.org for more info).

It doesn't matter how or where you decide to celebrate, but we urge you to be responsible and honor the ages old tradition to throw back a breakfast stout in honor of being saved by Queen Esther's beauty and brains.

And don't forget... Beer, its not just for breakfast anymore
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's Up This Week?

Ok, so Mardi Gras slowed our ability to get you the updates, we apologize.

Without further ado (although further adieu would make more cajun sense), here is what's going on.

Tonight, start off your night right with Yoga at Next Dor before heading out to the Broadway Oyster Bar to celebrate Fat Tuesday with Gumbohead and the Funky Butt Brass Band.

Tomorrow, KWUR Week kicks off at Washington University with cheap shows. Shows go through the weekend and span musical genres, so click the above link to see what's happening, and when.

Thursday night, Galactic is in town and gettin down at the Pageant. The afterparty will be at Halo, and rumor is that Galactic will be sitting in with the Dogtown Allstars.

Then, it's already Friday. Not just any Friday either, but a 3rd Friday, that means a big free meal. You should probably put that on the agenda. As if that wasn't enough, The Pinstripes bring their magical musical experience to St. Louis with a show at the Library in Soulard.

Saturday night, YPD throws down with its annual open bar bash. A good fun time is practically guaranteed, but you might want to think about arranging for a cab or carpool.

If you have any energy left after YPD's shindig, or just want to extend the night, Lubriphonic will probably do the trick at the Gramophone.

Sunday, be sure to pick up your favorite filling for Hamantaschen making at Next Dor.

Did you calendar have any St. Lou Jew in it? It does now. Bam.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moishe House Makes The New York Times

Everyone's favorite non-institutional organization for post-college Jews was just covered in the New York Times.

That's right, in a few short years, the organization has gone from a few houses on the West Coast supported by a single philanthropist to a national non profit with houses around the world.

Big shout outs to Rebecca Karp of MH Philly for being featured in the article.

The St. Louis Moishe House opened less than 2 years ago and has received quite a bit of local attention since.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Pinstripes Return To St. Louis

The St. Lou Jew's Favorite Reggae/Soul/Ska band is coming back to St. Louis, and you should be there. The group, now on Rock Band , with their single, "Come On In", is creating quite a name for themselves. As Brian Baker, a reviewer for Cincinnati's Citybeat says, "If you’re not having fun at a Pinstripes show, brothers and sisters, check for a toe tag. Your autopsy may already be in progress."

The Pinstripes are a hard working band. They tour on weekends, record at night, and connect with fans all day. Not only does lead singer Mike Sarason hold down a job as editor for David's Voice, a Jewish web magazine that's sort of like a cross between The St. Lou Jew and Jewishinstlouis.org, he also writes and arranges a lot of the music, makes time for interviews and tour dates.

The group, which has been together more than 5 years now, comes back to St. Louis on Friday the 19th to showcase their amazing live show at The Library in Soulard for KDHX's annual show.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Win Tickets To See Second City's Jewsical The Musical

That's right, The St. Lou Jew, with help from the St. Louis Jewish Community Center and Next Dor STL are giving you the opportunity to win tickets to see Second City when they come to town for the opening of the new JCC Arts & Education building. Read on to learn how to win.

Regular readers will remember our earlier piece on the opening of the new building, including the Second City performances. We are please to announce that the Lisa Liebshutz, the woman responsible for bringing SC to STL has generously provided The St. Lou Jew and Next Dor STL with three pairs of tickets to give you a chance to see one of the funniest and best known comedy troupes in the country.

Lisa Liebshutz sees the new Arts & Education building being able to provide something for everyone, whether it be through dance, music, art, or just a great place to throw a party. Liebshutz, who has been with the JCC for about five years as their Events Director, wanted to set the tone for the new building by bringing in something out of the ordinary. It just so happened that SC was performing Jewsical the Musical and when she stumbled on their website, she knew it would be perfect.

So how do you get your hands on the tickets? Stop by Next Dor during any event over the next couple weeks and fill out an information card so we know you dropped in. Every Monday for the next three weeks (2/15, 2/22, 3/1), we'll randomly select a name to receive the tickets. That means that if you have previously filled out a card, you are all set, but if you have come to the house and haven't filled out a card, drop back through. With free Yoga on Tuesdays, Shulchan Ivrit on Wednesdays and other upcoming events sprinkled around, it shouldn't be too hard to find a time that works.

If you can't make it to the house, you can always be old fashioned and buy the tickets here
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Friday, February 5, 2010

YPD Kickoff Event: The Red Carpet Event

Once a year comes the event known as 'The YPD Campaign Kickoff Event'. This stodgy name belies what is usually the biggest event of the year for young Yids in St. Louis. So while synagogues struggle to attract young adults and organizations face aging membership, why does this kickoff kick ass?

In two words: Open Bar. In a few more, this is the one night a year that post-college Jewish kids know their peers will be out in force. Everybody shows up. People you haven't seen since last year show up. And it's fun. Because for one night, everyone forgets that they hate driving somewhere new and meeting new people. They forget that the community is too small to let people loosen up too much. And for one night, it really works.

Last year, we met a lot of great people, many of whom are now good friends. This year, we hope there are still a few more people to meet.

The event takes place at Randall Gallery (999 N. 13th Street) next Saturday night, February 20th. For more details click here and to take the dive and register, click here.

If we haven't already, hope to meet you there. We'll be the ones hovering around the bar when we aren't on the dancefloor and avoiding the photographers.
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tu B'shvat Seder At Next Dor.

If you missed the Seder this weekend, read on for how it went down.

JewishinStlouis just published this press release:

Tu B’shvat Seder at Next Dor
Program brings Jewish environmentalism, tradition to young adults.

On Saturday, January 30th a group of Jewish young adults got together at the Next Dor House to hold a Tu B’shvat Seder, a tradition dating back to 16th century Sfat. The event was planned by Molly Zeff, who read about the Next Dor House in the Jewish Light and connected with Next Dor Program Director Yoni Sarason. Zeff, who has been a part of many young Jewish communities around the East Coast and just returned to St. Louis, had the idea to connect Jewish environmentalism and wonder with Tu B’shvat, the Jewish New Year of the Trees.

Says Zeff:

"Having never been to a Next Dor event or met anyone from the community besides [Yoni Sarason], I had no idea what to expect when I led a Tu B’shvat seder there this past Saturday night that was focused on the interrelated themes of awe and stewardship within Judaism's texts on the environment. At Next Dor, I found a welcoming, easygoing bunch of Jewish twenty-somethings, and we ended up having a fun (and sometimes humorous) seder full of engaging discussions about topics such as what we need beyond action when it comes to Jewish environmental activism and what we care about changing with regards to "greening" St. Louis.

"I am thinking about moving back to St. Louis, and it was exciting to see that there is a venue through which young Jews can act on issues that are important to them, as well as a place where you can get to know people with similar interests. Next Dor is really fulfilling its vision of being a community built by and for young Jews -- as well as a place that is continuously open to the ideas of anyone who walks through its doors."

“Molly approached us with a great idea,” said Sarason.

“She put a lot of thought into the Seder and it was interesting and informational, as well as relaxed and enjoyable.”

Zeff invited participants to help her decorate the Next Dor dining room with pictures of natural landscapes and quotes, and to partake in the many different fruits, including traditional Israeli species like figs and dates, which she brought.

The Seder itself pulled from a wide variety of sources and provided the opportunity for participation and reflection.

The Next Dor house is specifically designed to support Jewish young adults with ideas for programs, events, or activities such as Zeff’s Tu Bishvat Seder. For more information, please visit www.nextdorstl.org or www.facebook.com/nextdorstl

You can see the original here.

Stay tuned for a podcast of part of the Seder!
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