Monday, May 26, 2008

Intro to me

So its time for this shindig to truly begin. The best way to start is usually to give a little background. I am a St. Louis transplant. When I was born and lived my life, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I was going to live in Missouri. Previous to living here, I lived in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Texas, California and Georgia. Now that its virtually on paper I can just refer everyone here to figure it out rather than me telling the story. Unlike Y? I am just trying to make my way as the new kid in school might. Meet a ton people, try to tell a joke or two to show that hey, you can dig it, and then find my own path among the others. That's why when I blog, I will be more focused on the here and now from a new mind.

In my mind, I don't bring too much to the table. Rather than an unbiased opinion, I think and act like most young jews do and went to overwhelming jewish college where I did not hang out with too many jews. I can definitely say that I was less religious prior to going to college. I learned my Torah portion and my Haftorah, had my bar-mitzvah and then kind of went on with my life. Religion always seemed like a task just because everyone I was around considered it to be that. Because of that, I have never really hung out exclusively with a Jewish community, I pledged a Jewish fraternity in college that was about 40% jewish so my experience in a full fledged jewish community is lacking. I try to make up for all that is lacking with humor, but it falls short very often, just ask anyone who I hang out with. Life in general currently is not too bad, in fact at certain very specific times its damn near enjoyable.

Now back to the actual blog, I believe my purpose in this whole shebang is to give an honest opinion of how an outsider looking in sees this whole community. Right about now, I would say the barriers of entry are slightly higher than I expected, to be truly part of the community, you need to be a generally interesting person that brings more than just a sweet personality, you need to make several connections with different people at different stages of life (college, post-college, new job, sturdy job, single and looking, taken and looking, taken and liking it, engaged, married, kids and babysitters are frequented, kids and you better believe the world is ending before I hire a babysitter).

Overall would I like to see the community expanded to cater to more people like myself, most definitely (just in the fact that is has been my dream to be in a mob, and we have not as of yet reached mob capacity). To do that, I don't know exactly what needs to be done, I have my ideas but those can be saved for later posts to keep you coming back. Overall I would say the thing I have been the most impressed about is once you are in everyone wants to be your friend which is not something I am completely used to. And to truly end with a bang, I will leave everyone with a suitable haiku because that's how I roll:

Y? plays his music loud.
Looking for good sex music?
I think that's the case.

Apologies for the 's to get the syllables right, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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