Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Kid on the Blog - Revival Prose

When I was first asked to write for the St Lou Jew Blog I was unsure of exactly what I would write about and whether or not people would even want to read whatever I decided to write. As far as blogging was concerned, I guess you could say I didn’t really feel like I had The Right Stuff.

Last night, however, that all changed. While it has not been a fifteen year hiatus for me since my last blog post, it has been a while. In fact I don’t think I have written on our blog since the Summertime. In case you have not caught on by now, I attended the NKOTB concert last night. This fall the R&B/Pop quintet from the late 1980s and early 1990s is back on tour, providing us all with the lesson that If You Go Away, you had better come back with some pizzazz. It may have been one of the loudest concerts I have ever been to and the audience participation was at an all-time high. Screaming mid-30-year-old women made up the majority of the audience and I imagine the make-up of the crowd could best be described as what you would get if you paused a Hannah Montana concert, waited 20 years for the audience to age and then pressed play. Pop star crushes might be fanatical at age 12, but the ability to legally purchase and consume alcohol only intensifies the madness.

Donnie, Danny, Joey, Jordan and Jonathan were definitely Hangin’ Tough last night as they reminded us all that the Kids from Beantown were absolutely still on the block. The only real difference is the fact that they are now about 40 years old and have families. You can legitimately say that the group has New Kids of their own who are about the same age the guys were when they started performing. Donnie didn’t wait long into the show to remind the Cardinal fans in the crowd about the 2004 World Series, when the Red Sox spanked the Cards in four straight. He did, however, follow it up in his thug-life gangsta’ accent by giving us the props we deserve for coming back and winning the Series in 2006. Apparently they do have ESPN under the rock KNOTB has inhabited for the past 15 years. And for anyone wondering whether or not Joey, the youngest of the group, is still able to hit the high notes he was brought into the group to hit…he did so with flying colors. There were a couple times when I wasn’t sure if it was his singing or the women around me screaming; it could go either way.

I don’t know if NKOTB will ever again reach the star status they held leading up to the grunge era but if they continue to impress the women the way they did last night, and take it Step By Step. I suppose anything is possible. With that being said, I am really hoping that with the same hard work and dedication I can get Natasha Bedingfield, who opened for NKOTB, to Be My Girl.
Seriously though, and No More Games, I have made my blog comeback Tonight and am excited to once again have the same opportunity to entertain that I once had. It is not a question of whether or not I will write again soon; that is certain. The only question that remains is: Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time?

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Anonymous said...

You would be lucky to even get a snog on the cheek from Natasha Bedingfield, mate. And those screaming women next to you were TWO VERY FIT BIRDS if I do say so myself.