Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Warrior Jews, not Worrier Jews

The strong Sabra vs. weak Ghetto Jew model has been expounded on ad nauseum, most recently with Michael Oren's conclusion that American's look for solutions, Israelis look to how to better manage conflicts. The latest round of Israel bashing was fueled by the conflict in Gaza, and the fallout is still smoldering.

My question is more about how this supposed growing tension between being ideologically committed to both Israel and liberal ideology, which places immense value on the individual human life, will play out.

To a large extent, it is fraudulent idea that the two must be diametrically opposed. Further, those that would have us think that champions of human rights cannot support Israel is a point of propaganda perpetuated by those opposed to Israel.

If this standard was to be held across the board, neither could these human rights activists support the Palestinian Authority, and certainly not Hamas.

Still, there are large number of Jews who cannot justify what they see as Israeli massacres and aggression. To those Jews, I would advise you to hear stories, from the soldiers' own mouths, about their experiences in Gaza.

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Norm said...

The growing divide between the so called observant and non-observant comunity is illustrated by this weekend's boycott of the Shoah memorial at Shaare Zedeek by the overwhelming majority of the orthodox community because they consider non- orthodox Jews as less than authentic and because they are concnered that that shul female Hazzan might cause them to ha "impure thoughts.". I've started a blog on this subject and will ad to it at least weekly.