Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Next Dor Renovation Update

The renovation work has begun! Read on for juicy details.

With out much fanfare, work on the Next Dor house is underway. The demolitions work has already been completed and consisted of taking out carpets, removing wallpaper, clearing out the island in the kitchen, and dealing with a downed power line.

We wanted to have the floor refinished in the studio space on the 3rd floor, but after removing the carpet, it was determined that it wouldn't be possible. On the plus side, carpeting will help sound proof that area so that people can watch movies or be active without disrupting activities on the 2nd floor.

Cracked and uneven floors in the basement will be replaced to make the space more usable... Shabbat Underground Rock show anyone?

We are anticipating an October opening date. To find out more, email thestloujew (at) gmail (dot) com

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SusanIsk said...

Can they install a DJ booth in the basement?