Friday, January 22, 2010

St. Louis Jewish Entrepreneurs: Jason Jacobs and Dipity Dough To GO

Imagine, it's getting late on a Saturday night and you feel an irresistible urge to eat cookies. Are you going to go mix up a batch? Go to the store and buy the instant dough? Now, thanks to Jason Jacobs and his start up, Dipity Dough To Go, you can just pick up the phone and have cookies delivered to you.

Jacobs, whose parents own Serendipity, an Ice Cream shop, had the idea to create fresh baked cookie delivery service similar to, "a pizza delivery place, however Dipity Dough To Go will deliver Serendipity Ice Cream, Milk, and Warm Cookies." The idea, while not new to students of Indiana University or Wisconsin University, marks a first for St. Louis, a city known to be unfriendly to late night snackers.

I have to admit, in a City like St. Louis, I wasn't sure what to think of DDTG. Would people respond to the convenience of cookies delivered to their doorstep, or would they just give up, eat raw tollhouse dough out of a tub, or worse, get their fourth meal on at Taco Bell?

So last night, with a team of intrepid explorers, we went to check out the secret baking facility where the magic happens. It was a pretty unassuming building, you might miss it (which we did), if not for Jacobs' excellent directions ("no, behind the soccer arena").

We were able to see the whole operation in the works, answering phone calls, baking cookies, packing them up for delivery, and the best part, we got to try some of the wares.

I must say, the cookies are rich enough that it is worth taking advantage of the free drink they are throwing in this opening weekend

Currently, Dipity Dough To Go delivers Thursday to Sunday 7pm to 1am but Jacobs says he has plans to adjust his hours based on demand. As a flyer points out, "the later you order, the later we bake."

For more information about how to support this young entrepreneur (by eating cookies), check out the website or call them tonight at 314-918-TOGO(8646) and tell them you heard about them from the St. Lou Jew. They might even hook you up!

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