Wednesday, May 12, 2010

JAPS on TV... Jewsey Shore?

Two signs of the apocalypse, Desperate Housewives and Jersey Shore are two of the most popular shows on TV. So how could it get any worse? By combining the two of them into a show about Jewish American Princesses.

Oh yea, it's that bad. According to a story on Radar Online, "An email sent out by Get Some Media says “Production company looking for ‘Super Jappy’ groups of friends! Women ages 21 – 45 are able to apply for this reality show. Gone are the days where being a JAP is a bad thing – today Jewish American Princesses are proud.”"

This is exactly what our country needs! A way to show off super materialistic upper-crusters who are chosen because they are Jewish. I love a good set up.

So not only are we hurtling ourselves towards all-out class warfare, now we are opening the door for stereotypes and begging them to take flight.

Jezebel has already weighed in on the story, but I certainly hope that there are enough people out there who believe this idea to be complete crap that it never makes the light of daytime television (or any other time for that matter).

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