Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Scottish Arms

Just got back from the best meal I have ever had in St. Louis, no joke...

The Scottish Arms, a hidden gem (at least to me) in the CWE, boasts authentic Scottish food, as well as one of the most extensive Scotch menus in the world. Rosh and I went on a whim (and a Fish n Chips recommendation) after a hard fought game of water polo. I could not give this place a stronger recommendation... A quick run-down:

When you go, wear more than just gym shorts and sandals, although they treated us well, Rosh and I learned this the hard way. This is a little nicer than your typical corner pub, so don't be afraid to dress like it.

Beer: I had the Scottish Belhaven Twisted Thistle, which was the perfect mix of amber ale with some fruity undertones. Rosh when with the Smithwicks, which if you have never had is a good introduction into darker beers. They have an extensive list of beers on tap from a host of countries. This would be a great bar to go to in addition to a great restauarant.

Appetizer: We bit the bullet and ordered the haggis, which if you don't know what it is, probably for the best. This haggis was fried and came as a fritter, which gave us the nerve we needed to order the traditional Scottish dish. Jew Alert!!!!: It tasted a lot like chopped liver, which we all know is a good thing. Definitely a good gamble

Entree: You never can go wrong with fish n chips, but here, you can actually go right. Tender, sweet, delicious. Really really really good, and if something so simple is prepared so well, I can only imagine what some of the more imaginative menu items (pork chop, cornish hen) are like

Dessert: Rosh had the goat cheese cheesecake (you saw that right) and I went with one of the dozens of Scotches they offer. Both unique, both delicious, both something that I would come back for. You know that burning feeling you get after a shot of Jack, or even Johnny? Well I had one of the cheapest Scotches they offer, and there was none of that. Just sweet Scotch goodness. Scotch scotch scotch, I love scotch... never truer.

In short, don't wait any longer to try out the Scottish Arms, its a great date restaurant and is certainly one of the more interesting places you can try in St. Louis.

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Anonymous said...

DZ, I couldn't agree with you more. I wish I had known you were headed there when I left your house because I would have been sure to join. It is a block from my office and I have been there a couple times. It really is like nowhere else in St. Louis and I second the recommendation