Thursday, July 24, 2008

We're Everywhere (also, can a tatooed Jew be buried in a Jewish Cemetary?)

A recent check of my Jew Filtr in filterbox showed me some pretty interesting things.

First, Yid Scott Storch, one of the founding members of the Legendary Roots Crew aka The Roots, whose meteoric rise to America's Top Producer (patents pending) was characterized by hits such as Terror Squad's 'Lean Back', has hit some hiccups. Storch has apparently started to believe in the world of bling he finds himself in and needs to get everything together.

Number two, a peace of pre-state Israeli propaganda explaining to British soldiers why they should leave Palestine has interesting parallels to a lot of current anti-occupation propaganda, except that it calls for the Brits to leave as opposed to simply calling them infidels. Judge for yourself.

Third, I found a really interesting article about Israel's citizenship and immigration dilemma which has to do with the legitimacy of being a Jewish democracy and what that means, in terms of who should get citizenship and whether a cultural definition of a citizen might be better than the current religious definition.
Interesting quote - "The halachic position is that a person need not be Jewish to be close to God. Being a member of the Chosen People means being subject to special duties, but it gives you no monopoly on righteousness or spirituality."
Read it.

Finally, the tattooed Jew question. After reading a very interesting article with several people's takes on the issue, including Hollywood and Larry David, the conclusion is. . its forbidden, but won't keep you out of a Jewish cemetery.
Full article here.

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