Friday, September 26, 2008

Hidden Gems

My first trip to the Thurman Grill, with Zuz, immediately became interesting when, on the menu, we found two words and a symbol...Bagels & Lox.

Now, its not every day that you see such a Heeby thing on the menu, especially in a neighborhood not exactly known these days for its biblical brother population.

But Zuz and I thought little of it, drank our porters, and were on our way.

Last night, with Elliot, however, the plot thickened.

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I made it to Thurman Grill a bit before 10 PM, after taking in a free sound check at Powell Symphony Hall. Side note, if you are planning on seeing the performance, which includes Rachmaninoff's 3rd, performed (or should I say masterfully brought to life) by MOT Yefim Bronfman, you are in for one hell of a show.

Back to Thurman, after we rolled up (arrived), I immediately became engaged in what seems like a preprogrammed ritual of bitching about the beer selection, and finally decided on a glass of Scotch (eight F@#$in' fifty!).

After catching up with Elliot for a minute, I decided to ask about the Bagels & Lox.

"What's the deal?," I asked Lenny, recently identified to us as the owner.
"Where did the bagels & Lox come from?"

And then..... he outed himself. First, a few words of Yiddish, that he picked up from his parents, who were from New York (Queens), who were .....Jewish!

He confirmed our suspicion that we were among the only Tribesters on the block, or in the neighborhood, for that matter.

"Still," he said, "its not as bad as St. Charles. When I lived out there I was definitely the only Jewish guy. I made friends with the only Black guy out there, and we held our own Freedom Rides."

He also filled us in on the Shaw Art Fair, happening October 4th and 5th (Click the Calendar link from our main page to see details).

Suddenly it hits me. We just moved down the street from one of the hidden treasures of St. Louis. A bar that could actually succeeds neighborhood bar that doesn't suck, isn't skeezy, and has a really interesting owner, who by some kind of crazy coincidence just happens to be a Yid.

Not only that, but Leffe Blondes are $2.50 all night. Because Lenny feels like it.

And I can stumble home?!

I'm sold.

And I can all but guarantee that the crew will be at Thurman Grill tonight after Shabbat dinner.

Feel free to join in.

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Matthias Sommer said...

Wanted to raise my voice as leader of the Shenandoah contingent, 3900 Block. We're here are growing, despite the fact it's a long drive to the JCC.

Also, I wanted to point out--

"Congregation B'Nai El, the oldest reformed Jewish group west of the Mississippi, moved into their new temple at Spring and Flad Avenues in 1906 from their former location at Eleventh and Chouteau. They occupied the Flad Avenue building until 1930 when they relocated in the former Central Presbyterian Church at Clara and Delmar."

The building is still there, but it's apartments now.