Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jewish in St. Louis

Looks like we made the front page of Jewish in St. Louis! And surpassed 3,600 pageview!
For those of you who are just joining us, this post will serve to explain a bit about why the St. Lou Jew is here. If you have been reading for a while, read on for our next moves.

This blog (like most ideas) came from identifying a need.

That need can be defined as a lack of content for the post-undergraduate St. Louis Jewish community. First, we recognize that this demographic isn't huge, but that it is passionate (even if it doesn't realize it).

There are several different streams of content which we hope to provide.

The first is young adult content. There are some things that simply matter more to us right now. . .and a few things that matter less. If we don't speak for ourselves, someone else will, and they will likely misquote us at best, and misrepresent us at worst.

The second is Jewish. We come from diverse backgrounds representing a rich fabric of collective consciousness, history, and tradition. If you thought this means we gotta provide you with something stale or recycled, go back to the first stream.

We are far too fresh for all of that. And by fresh I mean Def, and by Def I mean ill, dope, fly, and occasionally, funky.

The third stream is St. Louis. There are a lot of St. Louis haters out there. There are a lot of Midwest haters out there too.

My momma always told me that hate can be traced back to ignorance.

So consider this an attempt to find the diamonds in the rough in St. Louis, the people, places, and experiences that are waiting to be discovered.

The truth is that we have the power to evoke our ideals from our environment, which means that if you can't find something fun to do, maybe the blame lies a little closer to home.

We believe that this city (and we are focusing on the city, not the county) has a lot of potential and that we can be positive elements in creating change in St. Louis.

Ultimately, we are aiming for that sweet spot where all three of these streams combine, the center of the Venn Diagram, if you will.

We have some big things coming up, including a continuation of the Living Jews series, which aims to connect with young Yids doing cool things in STL. We may even foray into the depths of J-Date.

So check back frequently, comment on what you like and what you don't, and add your voice to the conversation.

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