Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Living Jews: Tahli Miller

Last night, after a last minute phone call from Adam Weinberg, a few of us StlouJews had the opportunity to sit down with Tahli Miller, most recognizable for her husband, Mattisyahu. After a few hours with Tahli, though, it is clear that she has talents that deserve recognition in their own right.

Tahli Miller was studying film at Tish when she met Mattisyahu, initially it was for a film on Shomer Negiyah (the practice of not touching members of the opposite sex unless they are family) and its impact on relationships.

The film became far more complex as Tahli and Mattis started dating and the film came to revolve around the lack of touch between the them.

While traveling with Mattis, Tahli started using her experiences and learning on the subject to tackle relationships, the idea of Shomer Negiyah, and how religion and spirituality play into the two.

When we had a chance to sit down with her last night, at the Rabbi Yari's house, we were treated to an excellent discussion that careened from relationships to discussions of life on tour, and back.

Tahli raised an interested point about the frustration she feels when she sees people who come to the concerts and behave in ways counter to what the music is about, either by being stoned, or by grinding on each other. Much like those who go on Birthright for the free party.

In both situations, however, there are those who end up being effected and opened up to something new .

We put in a few good words for St. Louis, and learned a little about the irony of living in a place as Jewish as New York, where there is less pressure to identify or join the community.

What was a last minute email turned into a really interesting night. We were very fortunate to have the chance to connect with Tahli and wish her and Mattis continued success

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