Monday, December 15, 2008

Spreading the Love out in Chesterfield

Shabbat in the Valley? Count me in!

In the never-ending quest to document Jewish life throughout the entire St. Louis region (an area that encompasses more mileage than the state of Rhode Island) LC's family was nice enought to host Shabbat in Chesterfield on Friday. The night was complete with latkes, Sabra hummus, and this St. Louis transplant's first-ever foray into the outer reaches of the Lou. Some highlights:

-Let's settle this debate once and for all... Chesterworld is Far Away. It's not just a few minutes, it's not just down the road and it is stretching the definition of the word suburb to call it that. It's a 40 minute drive from downtown... Just sayin'.

-That being said, to see 20 people gathered together from across St. Louis so far away from home on a cold Friday night in December, says a lot about the power of community to exist anywhere you make an effort.

-Potato latkes, especially Mrs. LC's, are way undervalued in the stable of Jewish foods. As unfortunate as matzah may be, latkes are just that good.

-The Fox and Hound: Chesterfield's prime spot for drinking, dancing, jiving and getting hit on by 40 year old women celebrating their friend's most recent bachelorette party. To say this place was an instant classic doesn't scratch the surface. From half mullets to terrible jukebox music, it has everything you could ever want in a suburban entertainment experience. (And it has a prime spot in the heart of the world's largest strip mall).

-If anyone ever asks you to pay a $4 cover in Chesterfield, leave immediately. You are better than that.

At the end of the day (or night here) the experience was fun, can't deny that. That being said, TGILIC (Thank God I Live In the City)! Entertainment options, walking-distance destinations and a semblance of public transportation... there are some benefits to city living that Chesterworld just doesn't provide. But you can bet I'll be back to visit, 40 minute drive and all!


LC said...

Mom and Dad say hi, Zuz!

Her latkes really are that good, I'll pass along the compliments.

And it's 40 minutes away from the city because of Highway 64/40 being shut. When it's back in action, the drive only takes about 25 minutes. Much more tolerable.

Zuz said...

Hi Mom and Dad!

And 25 minutes is still too much for this impatient, hyper-active city dweller... In 25 minutes I could be on my second drink at Sasha's!

LC said...

Two drinks in 25 minutes? Zuz, I think you have a problem...