Thursday, August 6, 2009

Autiomadic at the Gramophone Tonight

While, in any other week, meeting Congressman Russ Carnahan last night would have been the highlight of of the week, The St. Lou Jew is looking forward to the debut of the local group Autiomadic at the Gramophone tonight.

I'm sure everyone wants to hear about how cool Congressman Carnahan was, how he came across as reasonable and thoughtful, and it's true, but that was last night, tonight, The Gramophone is the place to be to hear the musical equation that postulates that a DJ plus a drummer equals a good time.

With Alex "Kahn-man" Kahn on the wheels of steel and one of our own on drums, the show is going to be fun.

With no cover, at one of St. Louis' best places to catch live music (not to mention smoke free), the Gramophone is definitely what is happening tonight.

Doors at 9.

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