Friday, August 21, 2009

Renting in St. Louis, Part Duex

While there are big stories brewing, involving Jeff Smith, the only Jewish State Senator in MO, and two new Jewy apps for the Palm Pre, we should check back in on our friends and see if all is well in new apartment paradise.

When we last left off with our protagonists, they had just signed a 2-year deal on a fantastic apartment in the Central West End at a great price.

My friend returned to Israel to finish up his service in the IDF, and his girl friend was back in Colorado for a week before joining him.

All seemed well in the world until. . .

I get a frantic text from the friend still in Colorado. I call her and she is clearly upset. The owner fired the woman he had hired to manage the leasing of the apartment, and she had called indicating that, since she had been fired, and the owner wanted to sell, not rent, that the deal was off.

So there they were, without an apartment, and about to both be thousands of miles away.

Now, I'm not a law school student, but I've spent enough time around them to understand the concept of contracts, and more specifically, breach of contract.

I was able to contact a friend who has the three of the most useful letters after his name: Esq. and fill him in on the situation.

He agreed that the whole thing was fishy and that the owner and leasing lady were in the wrong. So he went to work to restore a little bit of order and sanity to this ridiculous situation.

After several rounds of letters, emails, and conversations. . . not to mention a few months, the owner relented and decided to honor his contract.

Good news for my friends, who will be moving in tomorrow.

Good new for me, cuz I always need an extra place to crash in the West End.

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