Thursday, October 29, 2009

Next Dor Opening Countdown

We've been writing about Next Dor for almost six months.

As of Sunday (assuming the move goes well) we are officially in soft launch mode.

Over the course of these past months, we have put together a proposal for what a dedicated space could do to help community building, we have presented our vision to multiple community leaders, individuals, and organizations, we have raised money and defined roles, all while looking towards the day we could get into the house.

That day, as it turns out, is Sunday... if all goes according to plan.

With furniture set to be delivered within a week or two, and a host of events planned in the space already, we are very excited to see things move into this next phase.

Some of the already scheduled events include sessions with State Rep Jake Zimmerman (click here to RSVP), Shulchan Ivrit (a Hebrew discussion table for all levels), and an event with JGrads and the Jewish Law Society.

To get your idea realized at Next Dor, click here

We are still working on the website, but we want things to continue to evolve, so don't expect it to stay the same for too long.

And, should you be in the position to contribute financially or with certain things for which the house has need, please get in touch with Next Dor

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