Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Get Involved: Day of Service

We often hear from people who want to know how they can give back to the community. Today, it just so happens that we have an answer for you.

The second annual Day of Service will be held on Sunday April 18th from noon to 3pm. The event, held at the St. Louis Hillel (6300 Forsyth, 63105) will provide the opportunity to help with one of multiple projects going on throughout the early afternoon.

You can register online at

In other news, Proposition A passed! This measure will restore cuts in Metro public transportation and provide for future expansion. We had the chance to ask Grand Center C.E.O. and Prop A booster Vince Schoemehl his thoughts on the outcome of the vote. Said Schomehl, "It's a very big deal because it shows this community can still do big important things. I'm hoping this launches a whole new sense of civic self confidence in the Region."

How are you feeling about the Metro win?

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