Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Metrolink Vote TODAY!

If you are registered to vote in St. Louis County, please take 10 minutes today to vote for Proposition A, in favor of restored and expanded public transportation.

As Vince Schoemehl put it:

I currently serve as the Chair of the Metro Transit Agency Board and writing to ask you to vote in favor of Proposition A, Tuesday, April 6 if you live in St. Louis County. If you don’t live in the County could you please contact a friend, relative or work associate who might be able to cast a ballot for this extremely important measure. Prop A narrowly failed in November, 2008 and as a result Metro had to drastically slash service in March of 2009. We were able to restore part of this service with a one-time appropriation from the State of Missouri which came from federal stimulus funds. This funding runs out June 30 of this year and there is no prospect of this appropriation being renewed.

In all my years in civic and political life I have never seen as stark a choice for our community. If Prop A passes we can restore MetroBus, MetroLink and Call-A-Ride service and we can begin to build a truly competitive transit system. If Prop A fails Metro will be forced to lay off 650 Metro employees and again cut service to a nub of what it is today.

If you have any questions about Prop A please feel free to e-mail me or call me but I have attached a link below to an interview with John Nations, the Mayor of Chesterfield who is running the campaign. John does an excellent job in this interview of explaining the benefits of Prop A and addresses quite effectively some concerns that have been raised about the proposal.


Thanks for your consideration and I hope you can help us make Metro the important part of our regional economy that it has the potential to be.

Vincent C. Schoemehl
President and CEO
Grand Center, Inc.

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