Monday, February 9, 2009

Beer Heaven

This weekend in DC I died and went to Beer Heaven...only to find out that Chesterfield has its own entrance to the frothy gates, much more conveniently located to St. Louis!

I like to drink beer. Not lite beer. Not cheap beer. Beer. It is a relationship that has been well-maintained over the years and carefully groomed and I can honestly say I understand my relationships with some of my favorites beers much better than I do with some of my best friends.

So my idea of a perfect Saturday night in DC? The Brickskeller, with over 1000 beers on the menu (and a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records). This would not be a night for Bud Lite. This was a night of Blow My Skull Off (stout, rum, lime juice and cayenne pepper), Skip and Go Naked (beer, gin, grenadine and lime juice), and Midas Touch (made to taste like beer from the Roman Empire).

Add in the fact that some of the best college friends on the planet (you know who you are) were there and you couldn't have pulled me away with a team of Clydesdales on A-Rod's steroids diet!

So imagine my surprise upon finding out soon after about the International Tap House, right here in Chesterfield! Count 'em... 40 beers on tap... 460 more in bottles...39 styles of IPA... Smoke-free.... A beer take-out option... 7 HD TVs...each beer served in the glass its brewers intended... Oh, and Blue Moon is the normalest beer you will find on the menu.

So yeah it's in Chesterfield, a locale I have traveled to just once in 5 years, but for me, it might just be the stairway to beer heaven. Catch you there soon!

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Unknown said...

if memory serves, they actually have a wallet sized card for you to keep track of which of their beers you have tasted. Once you've had them all, you get a t-shirt.