Friday, February 27, 2009, and The Power of Social Media

When we first wrote about Connie Keel and her parole appeal, we hoped the story would gain some has

Our story focused on some of the details of Connie's case, as well as Adam Reich, the law student who has been fighting for her freedom.

Since the publishing of our piece, the campaign has picked up KABC in Los Angeles picking up the story and so did ATVN, and USA Today.

Also, @freeconnie (on Twitter) has been using the micro-blogging platform to connect with people in the name of asking the Governor to carefully consider her parole appeal.

With constant updates on Twitter, and Facebook, the number of people exposed to Connie Keel's case has grown exponentially. This is the power of social media to inform and inspire action.

There is still time left to help Connie, please visit to learn the facts of the case and how you can help.

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