Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl: Moishe House Style

There are some things that can only happen when you are a member of Moishe House.

-You get to feel like you live in a frat house at 23.

-3 guys who don't really drink wine end up with the best wine collection in town.

-You spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook at work (well maybe that one is not so unique).

But nothing is as Moishe Housey as the pre-Super Bowl Costco run. One of my secret desires has always been to win an all-expenses paid shopping spree, one of those ones where you just run through the aisles and throw as many items into your cart as you possible can... well that is what Costco was like this weekend!

(Veggie) Potstickers? Check... Chicken sausage? Check... Rosh taking a ride in the Escalade built for a 5 year old? Double check... 5 lbs of honey bbq wings? Let's make it 10!

And you know those free samples they have all over the place at big box stores? Well Costco's are by far the most effective I have ever seen. Not only did we buy the chicken sausage that was oh so good...not only did I totally see the rationale in buying a super size package of plug-in air fresheners (we ultimately did escape unfreshened)...but a devious old woman successfully hawked a 290 pack of red solo cups!

I felt good about that purchase until a Costco employee saw the cups in our cart and said incredulously, "She actually got you to buy that?!??! I think you just made her week!" Yup, in addition to everything else, we are the guys who buy the thing that NO ONE else will buy because its just too ridiculous and unnecessary. But on the flip side, cups for the next 3 months of beirut games are on us!

So if you are really looking for something fun and unique to do around town, come with us for our next Moishe House shopping run... it's guaranteed to be an experience you will not soon forget!

(O and the refs and the commercials sucked in the Super Bowl... go Cards!)

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