Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally, Something Cool About STL.

St. Louis: home of toasted ravioli, the Cardinals, the new Highway 40, and.... CULTURE!

Thanks to a thread posted on criticalmass, a yahoo! group created for the St. Louis art community, I was clued into this article called, "The chic side of St. Louis." It cites the booming arts and fashion community in downtown STL, where I am proud to reside.

The article recommends several downtown shopping destinations, such as The Time, UMA, and Charm. Why waste time and money at the Galleria when you can support local businesses in our own Garment District?

I'll keep this post short and sweet: STL, nice job on the continuing revitalization. Hats off to your artists and designers!

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Anonymous said...

So I guess a Saint Louis isn't so bad after all, myeah ;)