Friday, March 13, 2009

NOLA Service Project

In New Orleans, this weekend, hundreds of Jewish young adults are showing up to connect, and engage in some tikkun olam, in the form of manual labor in St. Bernard's Parish.

This project represents a new movement or perhaps an experiment towards one in the mission to engage Jewish young adults, and to do community service work.

As we have written about before, the model has shifted from an emphasis on cerebral, religious Judaism, to more active, engaging, and cultural Judaism. . . mirroring in someways the movement of Zionism.

The hope is that Jewish young adults will pay for the privilege to hang out with each other and make a difference. And pay we are... 350$ for the conference, plus travel and lodging....yikes.

The event's power, I believe, comes from the connections that will be made and the energy and ideas that will be shared.

The St. Lou Jew will be in full effect in NOLA, representing among the young Yid leaders in attendance.

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