Friday, March 20, 2009

SLIC brings Israeli Technion Students to St. Louis

I've often complained that I don't have enough people to practice Hebrew with, and the St. Louis Israel Connection is doing something about it.

Ever wonder what life is like in Israel for someone your age? Two students from Israel's work famous Technion will be in St. Louis on Monday and are staying out to get drinks and meet their peers.

We decided to keep the event intimate, by hosting it at the Cheshire Lodge's Fox and Hound pub. The pub is home to some really amazing coffee drinks and is worth a visit in and of itself.

Stop by, have a drink, a conversation, and meet some future technological innovators.

The Technion, one of Israel's premiere universities and an internationally acclaimed institue of technology, is in Haifa. Technion alumni include a pioneer of artificial intelligence, the developer of the electric car system in Hawaii and the VP of Google.

Host: SLIC (St. Louis - Israel Connection)
Location: The Fox & Hound Tavern
6300 Clayton Rd
St. Louis, MO 63113 US
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When: Monday, March 23, 7:00PM
Phone: 314-442-3770

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