Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Anatomy of a Decision

Being that I am a product of a philo-Semetic, Zionist (in the classic sense of the word) upbringing, it seems fitting that I am in the position have having to choose between Jewish community building in St. Louis, and Jewish community building in Israel.

On the one hand, has been my desire to be in Israel, which has been with me since graduating college. Most of my friends tease me that, with as much as I talk about it moving to IL, I'm still in St. Louis. But recently, and quickly, the situation changed.

I was (as of Tuesday) accepted into Otzma, a 10 month program that focuses on volunteering and leadership development.

The decision should be fairly straight forward right? Here is the opportunity I have been looking for to be be in Israel, have an impact, and potentially set myself up for something long term ba'aretz.

Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Not only are there the financial concerns of leaving a situation in which I make money for one in which I pay for the opportunity to volunteer, I also want to be able to see the next phase of all of the projects happening in St. Louis.

For example, the Next Dor Project is moving forward.. racing forward more like it. Demolition and landscaping work is starting this weekend, and grant proposals are being written and considered.

And what about Moishe House? It is in very capable hands, but who will be the third roommate? In light of a soon-to-be-ending lease, what position would my absence put them in?

Last but certainly not least, who will take over updating The St. Lou Jew? Sure, updates from Israel will be interesting, but they won't be local, which is something that we have really tried to bring into the mix.

So here I am, with a lot of great things that I get to be a part of, trying to figure out which way to jump. At least I'm lucky enough that I don't think I can make a wrong decision.

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