Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Israelis Support Protesters in Iran

Despite the media hoopla around Michael Jackson's death, people are continuing to die in Iran.

Israel and the US have been very careful not to give the Iranian theocracy any additional reasons to blame them for the protests, but I thought this video, showing Israelis demonstrating on behalf of the Iranian protesters was really interesting.

If you haven't yet, check out TwitterFall and search for #IranElection


Anonymous said...

You mention the Iranian Theocracy but how about the growing haredi theocracy in Israel and its imperialist forces in the US including Chabad. In recent weeks we've seen the haredi riot in Jeruslseum over a parking lot and now Rabbi Ovida Yousef-head sephardic rabbi has been quoted saying the victims of the holocaust died because of bad things they did in life. We've also had the spectacle of the Satmar prison scam in New York where they ran the prison and held a bar mitzvah to say nothing of the Chabad run meat plant in Postville New York.

When there is the slightest antisemetic incident our leaders react-but when "Jews behave badly" there is silence. The time has come for mainstream Jews to realize that the bronze ages myths perpetuated by the orthodox community which are funded by mainstream Jews are inconsistent with 21st century thinking. The Federations (incluidng our in St. Louis) should stop funding orthodox schools which teach these myths.

Y? said...

While there is some substance to the point of not wanting to critique our own, you absolutely cannot compare rioting Haredis, who simply make a lot of noise with an Iranian theocracy which has forcibly suppressed, and in some cases, killed, dissenters.