Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama is Everywhere

Turns out Lester's Music Store doesn't sell music or give lessons, but they sure do understand campaign financing.

Sk and I made a deal, she runs to my place, we run around the park, then she runs home. All in all, not a bad deal, she does her 8 miles, I do 2, I feel good about it, so does she.

Yesterday, she started her usual run, but instead of waiting for her, I ran towards her place. As I jogged by Lester's Music Store, a small shop on a corner not far from the sanctuary, I thought I'd indulge my interest. I had always wondered what kinds of musical gems I might find at a hole in the wall like this, but my interest spiked when I saw the sign on the door that read, "we do not sell music here, nor do we give music lessons here.

Hmm, I though, a music store that doesn't have anything to do with music, I wonder what they are selling.

The answer: Hope.

I walked in and was greeted by man who explained that this was Barak Obama's city headquarters, was because they are in the process of moving to Olive downtown.
They were friendly in the, "how can we get you involved," kinda way, so I had to ask a few questions.

"Explain to me what the significance is of the fact that Obama declined public financing, especially after he initially promised to take it?" It was the most recent newsworthy jab at Obama I could think of. I'm not so sure if I really cared about it so much as I wanted to see first hand how the front lines respond to something like that. And respond they did.

"By refusing public financing, Obama is better able to control his messages. By not taking PAC money, Obama can concentrate on the issues he cares about instead of the issues big corporations care about." Good answer.

Ok, but doesn't turning down public financing, which is capped, help Obama due to his extensive fundraising network?

"Yes it does, but it also ensure that the public which is financing him is represented in his message" These guys are good.

I want to find their binder of answers. There are some serious minds behind this campaign.

I managed to find my way out, but not before giving up my contact info, its kinda like pushing your way through a crowded hall then making it to the other side to find that your backpack seemed to have wandered off your back.

The run wasn't a total loss though, and Scion's livemetro show was super-dope-funky-fresh, and free!

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