Thursday, June 19, 2008

Park Posse

Wednesday is turning into 'flex the network' day. Free admission to the Botanical Gardens, live music, and no open container law means there is a good chance you'll find me at MOBot under the stars, and given yesterday's turnout, more than a few friends as well.

We walked, biked, and drove from all over the city for a taste of the Botanical Garden's Wednesday night jazz series, and no one was disappointed. As the light drifted away like a saxophone solo to 'Girl From Ipanema', bottles of wine were uncorked, and so were conversations. Did I mention that it was free?

The six degrees rule was definitely in full effect as everyone seemed to see people they knew as we traversed the sprawling gardens in search of a patch of grass to set up shop on. Somehow, we had everything we needed, solo cups, wine, blankets, at one point I make a remark about how good strawberries would be and FR pulls a container of strawberries out of her bag, it was eerie.

The key take away (if I can borrow business jargon for a minute) is that there we were, the foundation of the community I've been searching for/trying to create, and it was as simple as jazz in the park. No programming or email lists necessary, just good people, getting together to enjoy the company of other good people. Maybe we are on to something. I wonder if there is a way to make a living doing this kinda stuff.

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