Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where Have All the Men Gone?

Have you looked around your temple lately and asked yourself, what's with all the females? Well, an article in today's Boston Globe suggests that a serious gender gap has developed in Reform (and to a lesser extent Conservative) Judaism.

The article goes on to suggest that this trend may be due to a feminization of spirituality in America, or perhaps just the busy male schedule in today's world. While it is as yet unclear whether we are witnessing a real change or just a blip on the radar, the question is certainly an interesting one.

Have you noticed a growing female presence in your personal Jewish community, or maybe a shrinking male one? What do you think some of the reasons may be? Is a gender gap in Judaism a bad thing?

Feel free to read the article and post your thoughts. Or, bring your thoughts to the next St. Lou Jew Shabbat dinner. There's a spot on the stoop for you.

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