Friday, June 6, 2008

Pre Shabbat Fix

As a PSA that I can agree with, JFedSTL has arranged for 15 front row seats to Matisyahu, the hippy turned frum Yid whose reaggae style arrangements and Yeshivish toasting has made him a household name. To throw your name in the hat, click here

From Jewishinstlouis --

Matisyahu Raffle

On Wednesday, June 25th, world famous Heeb-hopper Matisyahu returns to St. Louis for another unforgettable concert. has ten tickets for the show. Doors open - 7pm. Concert begins - 8pm.--

I, with the help of Hershey, uncovered this recording of Matis playing at Wash U a few years ago before anyone knew who he was. I had the pleasure of attending this concert and dancing my @$$ off. Because this recording was done before he really had press coverage, its a good idea of what he actually sounds like. Props to AWien for recording thing.

G and I interviewed Matis a few years back, really at the height of his career in many ways. He played, at the now closed down Mississippi Nights, to a sold out crowd that consisted of half frum Yids and half regular kids.

I caught up with him after the show, and although clearly exhausted, and with a raspy voice, he explained to us why he is more than a gimmick, and why he chose to say the uncensored Sh'ma prayer as part of his set that night. "That's the first time I've ever done that," he said, barely louder than a whisper.

To summarize, he said, that they say you shouldn't profane God's name if you aren't really saying the prayer, or if it is sung as part of a song, but he doesn't see how it is any less of a prayer if he's singing it, and in fact, he thinks it makes it that much more powerful.

I'll keep searching the interwebs for this interview, as it might be of interest to some.

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