Thursday, October 16, 2008

Behind the Music: Joe the Plumber

So turns out John McCain's friend, "Joe the Plumber" isn't really a plumber at all...

"Joe the Plumber" isn't really a plumber at all, at least not one I would want fixing a leak in my house. It seems that a basic check of local licensing agencies in Ohio and Michigan show on plumbing licenses for Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, or even a name close to that.

So what does all this mean? The real question here is, if the Toledo Blade could figure this out, why couldn't a man vying to be the most powerful man in the world? Or did he know that he was twisting the facts, and hope he could sneak one by the American people? Either way, not an auspicious start to McCain's home stretch here.

On the way out, no, McCain did not land any body blows in last night's debate, appearing rather condescending and, yes, erratic. There's a long way to go, but it's becoming harder and harder to find the coalition McCain needs to pull this thing out. Disagree? Discuss below, it's Thursday and I'm up for a good fight.

//Edit by Y?- Sleep now and Zuz to cause an anti-matter black-hole in 3..2..1..


Sleep Now In The Fire said...

Nice Y?. I think I laid out my feelings in the posting on the Republican party. I didn't watch the debate last night, instead preferring to have a debate with some friends over beer. While McCain may not have convinced too many people at the debate, myself and a friend very well may have moved 3 people into his camp at the bar, so I'm pleased with the evening as a whole. The one comment I will make is that, without having looked into this Joe the plumber thing at all, and therefore not agreeing with the assessment, Obama has been no saint, spinning many lies throughout his campaign as well. This is campaigning, pure and simple, and no one is anywhere near clean.

Y? said...

For the record, Zuz wrote that piece.

When I edited it to remove repeated paragraphs, it changed authorship.

I will say though, that even though no one is clean, without an 'October surprise', this election may be slipping away from John McCain III.