Tuesday, January 20, 2009

After Watching The Inauguration

I watched history today. That much is clear. What is perhaps more interesting is how today may define the future.

I spent the majority of the morning watching the inauguration on via CNN's live video stream and listening on NPR when the CNN stream clogged up. Apparently, the inauguration was the LARGEST INTERNET STREAMING EVENT IN HISTORY.

The numbers are astounding(Via Mashable):

The stats released, as of noon ET:
1. There were 200,000+ status updates through the Facebook integration on CNN.com
2. at that time, 3,000 people commented on the Facebook CNN feed per minute
3. Obama’s Facebook Fan Page has more than 4 million fans and in excess of 500,000 wall posts
As of 11.45am, CNN:
-had served 13.9 million live video streams globally since 6am
-had broken its all time total daily streaming record (from Election Day) of 5.3 million live streams.

Facebook just reported that over 1 million users updated their statuses to reflect the inauguration.

Not only that, but the new whitehouse.gov is already up and uses the same format as the change.gov site that laid out the transition team's updates. That means that the Whitehouse will disseminate information directly to the people, much like FDR did in his fireside radio chats.

I have to admit, I really enjoyed watching the inauguration. I hope we can execute President Barack H. Obama's vision.

But tonight, we celebrate!

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