Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's a Metro Nation without Strong Cities?

In our ongoing coverage of the City of St. Louis, I wanted to bring you a CEO's perspective.

You may recall our interview with State Representative Jake Zimmerman (if not, click the link the refresh your memory). In it, he advocated regionalism as the salvation for St. Louis and the metro area.

A recent post on CEOs for Cities champions this view, but only "when regionalism asserts the centrality of the anchor city.

A regional perspective must begin with a commitment to a strong central city. Without that, our "metro nation" will be headed to decline along with its cities."

Its always nice to see love for cities coming out of the CEO community. Especially because my image of a CEO includes two SUVs and a bomb(astic) house in the suburbs.

For CEOs to really make a difference, however, they need to be willing to relocate offices into cities. Where jobs go, people, and their disposable incomes, follow.

If you have a chance, read the post here and check out CEOs For Cities

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