Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Updated Status, Its Complicated

I wrote yesterday about the apparent schism that had formed in my relationship with the Metrolink, still, I was a bit surprised to get a letter in the mail from 707 North First Street today, aren't you supposed to wait a few days after a traumatic event before getting back in touch?

When I was pulled off that train on Saturday morning, waiting in the cold while the citation was being written, I was expressly told, we won't call you, call us, a week from Monday.

Ok, I thought, not only did I get smacked with a fine, I also have to take the initiative to find out how much it is by calling back in a week, and knowing my attention span, that is a recipe for disaster.

When I received the letter today, I thought that it was a little weird, and was probably a testament to just how badly they needed the money.

The ultimate shock, however, was the content of the letter.

"A review of the above Summons has disclosed an error," it read, "YOUR CASE HAS BEEN DISMISSED."

Whoa. I was caught off guard. Now, we have all had our share of 'Baby Come Back', but this was so matter of fact, so emotionless, I haven't really had a chance to digest it.

Despite this gesture of goodwill, will Metro and I ever be involved again? Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

The exact thing actually happened to me last week. I too had forgotten to get my new UPass and got a ticket and then got a letter telling me that the case was dismissed.



Unknown said...

For years I have been telling everyone, "we have to use public transport to encourage it's growth, even if right now it is the less convenient option" but I agree with Y?. 2009 has already led to fewer bus routes, less on time trains, and the threat of a only half functional shrewsberry line. I am now dependent on the metro to get to and from work, and I feel like I've been dumped.