Monday, January 5, 2009

Explore 314

I'm always amazed when I host people from out of town who are spellbound by St. Louis. Sometimes we lose perspective and forget how many unique and interesting things there are going on here.

With that in mind, I wanted to pass along some of the places we hit up this weekend in the hopes that you will have a chance to check them out.

The weekend started with dinner at Senor Pops, a Mexican/Puerto Rican restaurant on Grand just south of Chippewa.

Although the beans and rice were pretty good, there was a distinct lack of unique Peurto Rican food. The saving grace was the giant burrito, which was definitely giant.

Saturday morning provided us the perfect excuse to get Dim Sum in St. Louis' China town, located on Olive just East of 170.

The food at Wonton King was good, interesting, and pretty affordable, but if you are doing the no pork or shellfish thing, you may want to consider other options.

For those of you trying to figure out how to spend a nice winter afternoon, Steinberg Skating Rink is the largest outdoor ice skating rink in the Midwest and is yours for the skating for about $10 (including skate rental). The bar next to the rink adds to the excitement for those adventurous souls.

It should go without saying that anyone who has spent more than a month in St. Louis should check out the City Museum, but seriously, you should check out the City museum.

The sheer amount of content there is astounding, from 10 story slides, to caves, to a ball pit that makes for intense games of dodgeball, (and don't forget the bar) may make this one of the coolest 'museums' in the country, and it is right in our back yard.

Look for more juicy (/Jewcy) content as we continue to detox and get back on our feet later this week.

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Unknown said...

oh my g-d!

the list of fabulous things to do in St. Louis is longer then my holiday wish list:

1. Forest Park - sublist: the boat house, the muny, Shakespeare in the park, the history museum, the art museum, zoo, science center, biking/running, baseball fields, frisbee

2. The loop - sublist: Blueberry hill, pin up bowl, craft alliance, COCA, walk of fame, the falafal place, the noodle place

3. Grand/SLU area - sublist: Jazz at the bistro, the fox, off ramp rep, black rep, (check out for great theatre in St.Louis), symphony, lemon grass, meskerem, the king and I, basal spice

4. Botanical Gardens

5. Central west end - sublist: lots of bars, the chess center, companion bakery, the public library, left bank books

plus there are all the clubs on washington avenue, lots of great places downtown, and random free city events...

6 ooh, and the arch of course

7. and the courthouse where the dred scott trial took place

enough - go explore for yourself- man, I love this city.