Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yes, It's Anti-Semitism

Criticizing Israel does not necessarily make you anti-Semitic. But all around the world, Israel-haters are finding ways to be just that.

After a conversation on the Israel-Gaza situation with M-Teen and Y? last night in which about 75 points and counterpoints were thrown out in 6 minutes, I found this Boston Globe article that stresses a very simple point: Criticizing Israel in and of itself does not make you anti-Semitic. Hell, there is plenty that Israel does that deserves careful analysis and even condemnation in some cases.

However, the truly anti-Semitic behavior that this article details throughout the world is a frightening reminder of the absolute necessity that is Israel. Go ahead and criticize the decisions of the government and the military to attack a mosque that has been commandeered by Hamas as a military base if you must. But to do so while urging Jews "back to the ovens?" and advocating the killing of Jews wherever they live?

In advance of pro-Israel rally at the JCC, what are your thoughts? Does criticizing Israel equate to anti-Semitism? What should be the goal of tonight's rally? And what is Israel trying to accomplish anyway, both tactically and in the war of public opinion?

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M-teen said...

I think it's important to at least try to have an open dialogue and consider all sides of the situation, as hard as it is. I think we should be rallying for peace and solutions, not one side or the other.