Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's Up This Week?

Ok, so Mardi Gras slowed our ability to get you the updates, we apologize.

Without further ado (although further adieu would make more cajun sense), here is what's going on.

Tonight, start off your night right with Yoga at Next Dor before heading out to the Broadway Oyster Bar to celebrate Fat Tuesday with Gumbohead and the Funky Butt Brass Band.

Tomorrow, KWUR Week kicks off at Washington University with cheap shows. Shows go through the weekend and span musical genres, so click the above link to see what's happening, and when.

Thursday night, Galactic is in town and gettin down at the Pageant. The afterparty will be at Halo, and rumor is that Galactic will be sitting in with the Dogtown Allstars.

Then, it's already Friday. Not just any Friday either, but a 3rd Friday, that means a big free meal. You should probably put that on the agenda. As if that wasn't enough, The Pinstripes bring their magical musical experience to St. Louis with a show at the Library in Soulard.

Saturday night, YPD throws down with its annual open bar bash. A good fun time is practically guaranteed, but you might want to think about arranging for a cab or carpool.

If you have any energy left after YPD's shindig, or just want to extend the night, Lubriphonic will probably do the trick at the Gramophone.

Sunday, be sure to pick up your favorite filling for Hamantaschen making at Next Dor.

Did you calendar have any St. Lou Jew in it? It does now. Bam.

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