Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Purim Party Crawl

Wow, Purim is upon us! No longer just the realm of little children dressing up and making noise, this year, there are actually options for Jewish young adults to live it up for the Jewish holiday affectionately known as 'pour-em'.

It just so happened that this past Sunday, over some freshly baked Hamantashen at Next Dor, a few of the 'tashen tasters wanted to know what was actually going down for Purim.

See, Purim happens to be the holiday on which it is considered an obligation to get obliterated, a commandment to get krunked, if you will. . . Shikkered is preferred.

Between Megillah readings at EVERY synagogue, YABA's young adult party at Bais Abe, JGrad's party at Subzero, and other opportunities, someone came up with the great idea to create a Purim 'Pub-Crawl-esque' Party Crawl.

Here we are, a day-and-a-half later, and the party bus has been procured, and the plans are being cemented. So here is the proposal: RSVP here, and become part of the first annual Pour-em Party Crawl with the Krewe De Jew. Mardi Gras beads optional, Mardi Gras spirit encouraged.

Learn more about Purim and drinking here

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