Friday, February 5, 2010

YPD Kickoff Event: The Red Carpet Event

Once a year comes the event known as 'The YPD Campaign Kickoff Event'. This stodgy name belies what is usually the biggest event of the year for young Yids in St. Louis. So while synagogues struggle to attract young adults and organizations face aging membership, why does this kickoff kick ass?

In two words: Open Bar. In a few more, this is the one night a year that post-college Jewish kids know their peers will be out in force. Everybody shows up. People you haven't seen since last year show up. And it's fun. Because for one night, everyone forgets that they hate driving somewhere new and meeting new people. They forget that the community is too small to let people loosen up too much. And for one night, it really works.

Last year, we met a lot of great people, many of whom are now good friends. This year, we hope there are still a few more people to meet.

The event takes place at Randall Gallery (999 N. 13th Street) next Saturday night, February 20th. For more details click here and to take the dive and register, click here.

If we haven't already, hope to meet you there. We'll be the ones hovering around the bar when we aren't on the dancefloor and avoiding the photographers.

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