Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tu B'shvat Seder At Next Dor.

If you missed the Seder this weekend, read on for how it went down.

JewishinStlouis just published this press release:

Tu B’shvat Seder at Next Dor
Program brings Jewish environmentalism, tradition to young adults.

On Saturday, January 30th a group of Jewish young adults got together at the Next Dor House to hold a Tu B’shvat Seder, a tradition dating back to 16th century Sfat. The event was planned by Molly Zeff, who read about the Next Dor House in the Jewish Light and connected with Next Dor Program Director Yoni Sarason. Zeff, who has been a part of many young Jewish communities around the East Coast and just returned to St. Louis, had the idea to connect Jewish environmentalism and wonder with Tu B’shvat, the Jewish New Year of the Trees.

Says Zeff:

"Having never been to a Next Dor event or met anyone from the community besides [Yoni Sarason], I had no idea what to expect when I led a Tu B’shvat seder there this past Saturday night that was focused on the interrelated themes of awe and stewardship within Judaism's texts on the environment. At Next Dor, I found a welcoming, easygoing bunch of Jewish twenty-somethings, and we ended up having a fun (and sometimes humorous) seder full of engaging discussions about topics such as what we need beyond action when it comes to Jewish environmental activism and what we care about changing with regards to "greening" St. Louis.

"I am thinking about moving back to St. Louis, and it was exciting to see that there is a venue through which young Jews can act on issues that are important to them, as well as a place where you can get to know people with similar interests. Next Dor is really fulfilling its vision of being a community built by and for young Jews -- as well as a place that is continuously open to the ideas of anyone who walks through its doors."

“Molly approached us with a great idea,” said Sarason.

“She put a lot of thought into the Seder and it was interesting and informational, as well as relaxed and enjoyable.”

Zeff invited participants to help her decorate the Next Dor dining room with pictures of natural landscapes and quotes, and to partake in the many different fruits, including traditional Israeli species like figs and dates, which she brought.

The Seder itself pulled from a wide variety of sources and provided the opportunity for participation and reflection.

The Next Dor house is specifically designed to support Jewish young adults with ideas for programs, events, or activities such as Zeff’s Tu Bishvat Seder. For more information, please visit www.nextdorstl.org or www.facebook.com/nextdorstl

You can see the original here.

Stay tuned for a podcast of part of the Seder!

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