Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Pinstripes Return To St. Louis

The St. Lou Jew's Favorite Reggae/Soul/Ska band is coming back to St. Louis, and you should be there. The group, now on Rock Band , with their single, "Come On In", is creating quite a name for themselves. As Brian Baker, a reviewer for Cincinnati's Citybeat says, "If you’re not having fun at a Pinstripes show, brothers and sisters, check for a toe tag. Your autopsy may already be in progress."

The Pinstripes are a hard working band. They tour on weekends, record at night, and connect with fans all day. Not only does lead singer Mike Sarason hold down a job as editor for David's Voice, a Jewish web magazine that's sort of like a cross between The St. Lou Jew and, he also writes and arranges a lot of the music, makes time for interviews and tour dates.

The group, which has been together more than 5 years now, comes back to St. Louis on Friday the 19th to showcase their amazing live show at The Library in Soulard for KDHX's annual show.

We hope to see you there.

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