Thursday, February 18, 2010

One Night A Year, Getting Sloshed Is A Mitzvah

Q:You mean getting shikkered is a mitzvah?

A:Oh.. you didn't know that on Purim you are supposed to drink until you can't tell the difference between the protagonist (Mordechai)' and antagonist (Haman)'s names?

It's true, and we decided to take our training for this Mitzvah to the streets with Beer School. Yes, that's right. Beer School.

In our early preparations for Purim, we checked out Cicero's Beer School, a free event that goes down every Wednesday night at 5:30. Every week, a different brewer provides samples of their most interesting beers and talks about what the beer is and what makes it so special.

Yesterday, Founders Brewing Company poured some of their liquid bread, including a breakfast stout replete with notes of coffee and chocolate, and a viscous, almost think pour.

The room was packed, and I have to say, on an empty stomach, those big beers sure catch up to you quickly.

How are you getting geared up for the Tribe's big party day?

Are you joining us at Next Dor for Hamantaschen baking on Sunday at 3?

Are you getting down with Young Adults @ Bais Abe (YABA) Purim Party?

For 20's and 30's: Come celebrate Purim Saturday, February 27 at 9:00pm with YABA! The party at Bais Abe (6910 Delmar Blvd.) will include live music, delicious snacks, drinks, a costume contest, and other entertainment. $5 suggested donation. Check out

Maybe a Mad-Men style Pour-Em party is more your cup of scotch, if so, Temple Israel is throwing down the same night, starting at 8 PM (email for more info).

It doesn't matter how or where you decide to celebrate, but we urge you to be responsible and honor the ages old tradition to throw back a breakfast stout in honor of being saved by Queen Esther's beauty and brains.

And don't forget... Beer, its not just for breakfast anymore

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