Monday, August 25, 2008

Denver: Round 1

Live from Denver, it's the Democratic National Convention!

If you're like me, the dousing of the Olympic Torch in Beijing last night left you a little empty inside, and a lot empty on your Tivo order. Luckily though, the Democrats are coming through, replacing atheltic theater with the highest form of political theater imaginable, the Democratic National Convention

Let me quickly point out the irony here. NBC just finished an exhausting two weeks of Olympic coverage (someone check on Bob Costas and make sure the little guy is all right!) which featured hours upon hours of primetime coverage of volleyball and table tennis. Now, the seminal moment in the last 4 years for the Democratic party, and how much coverage do the major networks devote to it? One hour of late prime time (10-11pm ET) each night for the four nights of the Convention. The Convention will be on network TV in total less than the Olympics were on NBC any given night! Ludicrous.

Anyway, just because the Big Three are ignoring the proceedings does not mean everyone is, or that you should too. CSPAN (glorious CSPAN) will have gavel to gavel coverage all week, and CNN and MSNBC will have it for you live all afternoon and evening Monday-Thursday.

So why and what should you watch? Let me run down the highlights real fast, and then come back each day for a recap of what went down the previous night and what to look for in the night ahead...


The Return of Ted Kennedy - The standard bearer of the Democratic Party (and proudly representing my home state of MA!) provides the emotional kickoff you won't want to miss. It is unclear whether he will speak, but the man traveled and is appearing against doctors orders, so you know he means business

Michelle Obama - The wife of the Man Who Would Be President does her best First Lady impression. Will her embarrasment to be an American come through?


HRC (thats Hillary Clinton for the casual fan) takes the stage in a spot about 49.98 percent of the party had hoped to see Barack Obama speaking in. Saying the atmosphere will be tense does not begin to describe things.


Roll-Call: In a little bit of presidential theatrics, the delegates from each state each announce who they support. Hillary's name is being entered into nomination, which means there is still a chance she could kick Obama in the groin, grab brass ring, and ride off into the sunset with the nomination. Granted, the chance is small, but its Hillary so anything goes.

The Vice-Presidency isn't worth more than a bucket of warm spit: Or so the saying goes at least. Anyway, the well-groomed Delaware senator (sorry, I couldnt resist) Joe Biden gives his VP speech a go. And thus everyone in the Obama campaign holds their breath for the next two months that he doesnt say anything toooo dumb


The Man Himself: Obama accepts the nomination (unless Hillary or John Edwards steals it that is) (ok, John Edwards isn't getting within 2000 miles of this convention) in front of 75,000 screaming fans at Invesco Field, home of the Broncos. Word has it that Obama has PROMISED that all four of the originial Beatles will also be on hand, so you don't want to miss this one.

Well that's all for now, check in all this week for updates, followed by the same for the Republicans next week from St. Paul!

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