Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympic Rings

So Olympic fever has hit every corner of the globe, and Israel is right in the thick of things (kinda)

So I don't know about you, but I have been eating up the Olympics, guzzling gallons of Olympic Kool-Aid through my NBC-sponsored beer bong, and watching every second of Michael Phelps that I can. Which got me to thinking... when will I see my first Israeli in prime time, fighting for that gold medal? When will we hear Ha-Tikva ringing through Beijing's Forbidden City?

Turns out, the Israeli Olympic tradition is not so storied. Although they have competed since 1952, Israel has only won 6 total medals. That being said, things have been on an upswing recently, as 2004 saw an Israeli climb to the top of the medal stand in Athens, as Gal Fridman claimed the title as world's best windsurfer. Guess all that practicing in the Dead Sea paid off!

Anyway, if you are wondering what sports will give our beloved Israelis the best chance for gold this time around, keep on eye on Gal on the surf board again. But, also pay attention to the Bird's Nest, the home of track and field in Beijing. Russian-born Aleksandr Averbukh could win Israel's first ever track and field medal, in the pole vault.

So looking to rebuke all those jokes about Jews maybe not being the most athletic specimens? Sorry, but the Olympics probably will not give you much help.

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Mark Spitz is Jewish...