Friday, August 1, 2008

More Ish than Jewish

Yep, that's my line when people ask what religion I am. It goes over well at parties. And I think a lot of Jews can relate.

I should probably introduce myself… I'm a new contributor to The St. Lou Jew, which I have been following thanks to my friend, Y. My background: Native St. Louisan (though I've lived five years in London), United Hebrew attendee, Wash U grad, downtown inhabitant, corporate slave.

I feel very strongly about certain things in this world: politics, culture, women's rights, the role of religion in society, and Cardinals baseball. Lately, I've been reconsidering my faith and the role it should play in my personal life and future.

Like most STL Jews, I went to Sunday school and Hebrew school with mainly Parkway School District kids. I went to a Rockwood school, where I was one of three Jews, and religion did not play an integral role in my formative younger years. I never really felt like I was one of the "jewish kids" since I didn't hang out with a "jew crew" of my own that went to Parkway Central. Oddly enough, I went to Wash U for college and only attended one Shabbat dinner. Maybe my faith would be more important to me if I had gotten more involved and met the right people.

I do want to reconnect to my faith. Why did I forget about it in the first place? I would like to know more about who I am as a Jew, and what's it all about where I am in the world. After Shabbat at Y's a couple of weeks ago, I definitely feel like it's coming back. It's hard to forget the traditions, the prayers and blessings, the smell of some downright good food. So I'll start there and see what other great connections to my faith I rediscover.

You can expect to read my crazy takes on STL, Jewishness, post-college life, and many random things. I'd like to thank Y for the opportunity to contribute. He's doing great things in the world and asking great questions on the blog. If it takes a village to raise a child, then it may take a stronger sense of community to make me more Jewish than Ish.

Ok, back to slaving away…


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