Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Festival of Nations Recap

Food! Music! Dancing! Scotch! More Food!

Sounds like a stereotypical Jewish (or for that matter, almost any ethnic) get-together. In fact, it was the Festival of Nations, a weekend-long outdoor festival housed in Tower Grove Park.

Saturday started out with some Irie tuned from the Dubtronix, local Reggae outfit covering everything from Bob Marley and Black Uhuru, to more contemporary Dancehall.

Next Zuz and I took a walk up to the merchandise booths, which contained goodies from around the world.

After sampling the worldly wares, we were drawn to the sound of percussion (read: I was drawn and made dash for). It turned out to be a belly dancing demonstration, and was worth a few minutes in the brutal sun.

We filled up on food from around the world and hobbled home, much appreciative of multiculturalism.

On Sunday, I recovered early enough to catch the Kung Fu demonstration, but not early enough for the Israeli folk songs.

I did, however, get a sample a flight of whiskey. Never underestimate the power of a whiskey tasting to get you through your day.

I would like to commend the organizers of this event, for putting getting together so many different people and bringing them together in such a positive way. I will definitely be there next time around.

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Unknown said...

yo - you need to add the Japanese Festival at the botanical gardens
and the Greek Festival in the CWE
to your events calendar!