Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jews and Money: Pay Up!

Just how Jewish is our friend Y? Well, if you blog with us, you owe him $3 and he'll remind you!!

Today, Y proved another stereotype about Jews. We spent the afternoon hanging out, talking about the direction of the blog... we got a lot done. At last, we have a domain name reserved ( --- it redirects here until we go pro) and you can follow us on twitter.

Y and I had some questions for our fellow Jew Crew bloggers... he wrapped up a phone call with Zuz like this...
Y: Oh yeah, we registered our domain name today- it's a done deal.
Zuz: Cool, I didn't know we were doing that.
Y: Yeah, we'll talk about it at our meeting tomorrow.
[insert thirty seconds of random catch-up talk here...boys are weird]
Y: By the way, you owe me $3.
Zuz: What?
Y: for the domain name, everybody owes me $3.
[Y looks at me like "yeah, chick, you gotta pay too!"]
LC: Geez, Y, you're such a Jew!
Zuz: No kidding.
Y: You're right- someone should blog about this!

Mo' money, mo' problems... such is the life of the Jewish Young Adult. I can't blame Y, I'd want my $3, too. The St. Lou Jew runs a tight ship!

On that note, we'll be bringing in a feed of our "tweets" soon so we can let you know where we'll be and what we'll be doing if you dutiful readers would like to join. The more the merrier.

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Y? said...

To be fair, we got a discount at GoDaddy, so I think he owes me about $2.