Thursday, August 21, 2008

Say It Ain't So Joe!

Former Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate to kick off Republican Convention with George Bush? Stop the world I want to get off!

I defend Joe Lieberman. Maybe it was a New England thing, maybe it was a Jew thing, maybe it was a Grandpa thing. But when he seemed in 2006 to be in his figurative political grave against up and coming, Iraq War hating Ned Lamont, I told everyone who would listen that Joe had to be the one. Sure he sounds like Bush Lite when talking about the War in Iraq, but thats just Joe being Joe. It's like when you let Grandpa ramble for 10 minutes at the dinner table about how they don't make peas like they used to. He's part of the family, so you let a few things slide.

But not this. Next week, the Democrats (Joe Lieberman's political party of choice, along with the rest of Yid Nation) will be gathering in Denver for the Democratic National Convention, aka the biggest political blow-out in 4 years. But will Joe be tapping the Rockies along with the rest of his freedom hating, latte sipping, limousine liberals? Not a chance.

Instead, Democratic Senator Joseph I. Lieberman will be hard at work preparing his speech for the week after, to be given just before our esteemed Preident Bush takes the stage in Minnesota at the Republican National Convention!

I get it Joe, you think the surge is working. That's great (wrong, but great). But what I don't get is the betrayal. You were mere millions of votes from being one mis-chewed pretzel away from the Oval Office, as a Democrat, and now all of a sudden you are supporting the other guy? The guy who is a replica of your opponent back in 2000, but with a better back story? Joe, bubbe would not be proud.

I don't know, maybe I'm giving us too much credit here, but don't you get the feeling that this sort of betrayal isn't really a Jewish thing to do? I know no one in the mainstream media is blaming the faith for his actions, but it's all a part of the story, and it does reflect badly. So shame on you Joe. You have let your people down Joe. On second thought, maybe you are more of a Republican than I thought.


Brandon Schenz said...

You realize that what his party did to him after the 2004 election cycle he now considers himself as a Independant.

His own party threw him out, he did not leave. He has often been asked to join the republican party, but has declined saying that he still believes in the roots of his old party (read that JFK era).

Zuz said...

What his own party did was hold him accountable for continued unconscionable unquestioned support for the war in Iraq.

And something tells me that JFK would be rolling over in his grave seeing someone who purports to be a JFK Democrat on stage with John McCain.

Joe Lieberman has been a good Democrat in the past, but he was wrong to give George Bush a free pass (to this day!) on the war in Iraq and he is wrong to lend his voice to the RNC.