Friday, August 8, 2008

The strength of Generation Y(id) and an update from Mattisyahu

Local Big young Yid, J.J. Flotkin had some interesting words culminating in, "Generational silence will only force the “more experienced" leaders of today to build our future for us." Isn't this why we write?

A recent article by J.J. Flotkin entitled, "A Call for Young Leadership" puts up a pretty good defense to those that would call our generation lazy, uninterested, or unengaged.

His call to action includes the sentence, "It is our job as young leaders to find passion in our community."

Should we tell him? I mean, organizational skills, we may not have. Grammar abilities, neither. But passion! Passion we have.

We might not know what to do with it, how how to use it efficiently, but we have it.

On another note, everyone's favorite Hassidic Reggae Superstar, Matisyahu, was interviewed over at Rolling Stone, and was pretty talkative. Except that he really didn't say a whole lot.

He did say that, "Music and Politics is two different things". Which, according to the article, is a big deal.

Gotta cut this one short, its almost time for Shabbat, and we are packed this time around, we even had to tell guests to bring their own chairs.

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